We don’t tell stories, We make them!

What does Cparla do as a social impact agency?

I recall when I was young my brother and I used to play football in the back garden. He had the great skill of playing football and commentating on his moves. Running and dribbling the ball, creating the story as if this was the last chance to shoot to win the World Cup final. I was the goalkeeper and the last line of defence. We were totally engaged, giving 110% of our selves to the moment. In my head, this was the real thing and I loved it. At the time it turned out to be the beginning of my young sporting career and no doubt helped play a part in building my confidence and self-belief.
I never manage to make it to the World Cup, but I did want to imagine one day I'll make a difference in something. Now 40 years later, I have learnt that some of us are great storytellers and some just want the chance to live the story.
In an accelerated world where we feel our time is not our own and work is a fundamental part of life. We read great stories and wish to be part of it but just feel it’s just not possible. Then we wake up one day and ask ourselves what did we truly achieve and will I ever have a chance to make a difference?

This is what Cparla does!

We don’t tell stories we make them!

We give people the chance to go out into the field and actively be the change makers they want to be!
Creating and living moments that inspired and fulfil their purpose.
Collaborate, share and engage in solving real social and environmental needs and coming back to work to share the story.
To discover through our actions that we are all change-makers!

What if we all had the chance to live our mission. Go out into the world and truly be the change makes we want to be.

Cparla....it’s that way!

Marc Bouvron
Founder or Cparla.world