The walk to inspire the future custodians of the rhino

Roughly 40 years ago, Zambia had one of Africa’s highest rhino populations, with about 12,000.

By 1998, due to rampant poaching, rhinos were declared extinct in Zambia.


With rhinos now facing near total extinction, African Wildlife Foundation partnered with Zambia Wildlife Authority to settle four white rhinos from South Africa to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Since the relocation, there have been births in the park, bringing the total rhino population count up to 14. With rhinos having long gestation and nursing periods and birthing a calf once every two to four years, these births are a significant marker of the project’s success.


In addition to relocating rhinos, AWF works with Zambia Wildlife Authority to better protect and monitor the rhinos. Anti-poaching patrols as well as careful health monitoring has ensured the continued safety of these young rhinos and gives much hope for the future.

The walk

Local children rarely have the chance to encounter these magnificent and endangered animals. Finally, thanks to the help and innovation of Cparla, a leading animal healthcare company and the local Zambian community, they will get this chance. Specially crafted with the company incentive trip. Guests and children from Twabuka school, we will walk hand in hand to track the rhino. A unique experience where business, community and culture come together for a common cause. Through education and discovery, we take a step closer to Saving the rhino!

A unique opportunity

Educating the local youth on endangered species, especially rhinos, is an important exercise. To non-locals, it may seem puzzling to learn that local children are not able to see their own wildlife. With the rhino under threat, extreme protection is required. Unfortunately, without authorization or adult support, the children who are the future custodians don’t have a chance to discover these wonderful animals. Deep in the bush, highly protected and found in sensitive wildlife zones makes witnessing the rhino a challenge.

With permission from the national parks board and enough adult supervision, we create a unique opportunity to accompany the children and together encounter the rhino in their natural environment. A unique experience for both adults and children.

The Company is using this experience to make their annual incentive trip meaningful, inspirational and relevant. Fitting well with the what top performers would expect from an incentive trip. An experience at a different level that ticks many boxes in how companies can make a difference. A programme specially built to fit the company values and making the incentive programme something quite different.

Our commitment:

We will embark on an adventure bush walk, hand in hand, exposed to the natural elements and in full confidence with armed game rangers and guards.

There is no better way to understand nature and how to find solutions when one is directly facing it. We will discover how important it is to protect these animals and offer the opportunity for the children of Twabuka school to witness their future responsibility. Something that would not be possible without adult supervision, this is a unique experience that goes beyond book and pictures. It is one of the few programmes aimed at bridging the divide that exists between communities and wildlife.