Empowering women in the ancient Berber community

The Berber community nestled in the Atlas Mountains.13 years is the average age girls leave school to help support the parents and family. This is not sustainable. Cparla has teamed up with the local community to help the young women develop their skills and secure a better future.


Fatima, a young Berber mother is now earning a regular income and a key contributor to the stability and development of the Atlas Berber community. A true model of success for future Berber women and community.
Our mission is to give this opportunity to more Berber women. The construction of 2 weaving machines, we create employment for  6 women. Empowering Berber women to define their own destiny and the chance to support their families living in difficult circumstances. The programme is designed to empower locals and build together. This mutual experience will allow participants a privileged access to the mystical stories of the Atlas Mountains, adventure, relaxation with exceptional comfort.  

Luxury Kasbah accommodation and hospitality

A magical retreat in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. A property ideal for rest, relaxation and discovery; you can do as much or as little as you like.  With views up to Mount Toubkal and over to some traditional Berber villages that dot the region. The residence is a delightful collection of tiled courtyards,  gardens and features a stunning infinity pool. Everywhere you look you’ll discover unique pieces of art, exquisitely carved doors and ceilings, tapestries and much
more as you explore
the grounds.

Wow Factor

Magical location
Spectacular views

Moroccan spa and services 
Evening star dinners
Adventure walks  Local activities
Traditional cooking 
Incentive Trips
The Berber women are the nucleus of the community 
"In a truly great company profits and cash flow become like blood and water to a healthy body: They are absolutely essential for life but they are not the very point of life"
Jim Collins, Author “Good to Great”