Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps.

Human relations, break barriers, inspire young and old to develop their own personal potential.That is what we are trying to do and that is what it means when we say … ‘Make a difference’ in this world. Welcome to our first project and the original seed to SAS World.  Using the voice of culture, art, music, theatre, dance and song we break the barriers of economic, social and environmental circumstances that make life so difficult for so many.

When Artist Meet Africa project was created back in 2015, little did I know what impact it would have on us and the people we engaged. This project was such a success it travels the news press as far as South Korea (Published in Marie Claire Magazine, South Korea). All who participate came thought more curious, more informed and more appreciative of the value each culture has to offer. The experience and emotions were in both directions, between young and old, black and white, poor and privileged with no judgment, just honest and festive sharing. We don’t say we have changed everyone and that was not the objective. We simply came to share what we knew, bring the best out of each other. Something that can’t and should not be measure, just simply done, again and again.
The project took place in Zimbabwe November 2016 and now we are planning 2018 for round number 2.

If you want to be part of the story just let us know.

let the dancing and singing begin.