Why Cparla?

Cparla … the brand name story.

Traveling to a new place for business or leisure and you need help on directions, you ask someone in the street. A French-speaking person who knows the way will reply….”C’est par là” which means – It’s that way!

That brief moment of exchange between two strangers is extremely gratifying. One needs help and the other gives unconditionally. The experience (short as it may be) leaves one party feeling deep relief and gratitude, the other valued and appreciated.  All this happening spontaneously, in good spirit and sincerely human to human.

Cparla is our new brand name and we totally identify ourselves with the attitude of the name. We love it!

It best reflects us. Friendly, confident, positive and knows how to get there. It evokes a sense of knowing, sharing, direction, warmth with a French flair. Asking and giving unconditionally. 

Giving unconditionally

People and organizations will want to work with us if they are seeking ways to build trust, inspire and help people fulfil their purpose. Attract, retain talent and sincerely make this world a better place through work.

→ If a company is looking for ways to build trust and inspire … C’par là

→ If people want to make a positive difference and fulfil their purpose … C’par là

→ Companies need to be more responsible, bring their values to life, help people transformation … C’par là

→ Brands want to drive their values to customers … C’par là

We know at the end of the day it’s not the name but the people in the company that will drive the business. Cparla envelops who we are…it’s is a good fit…it’s that way!

Cparla is a brand that belongs to saSafari SARL.

We hope you like it;-).



In Zambia with Sipho painting his school wall.