The Video - "When Artist Meet Zimbabwe"

It was 2014 on a trip to deep Africa when the seed was planted. I was accompanying my wife Delphine who manages We were on a regular field visit and this time it was to Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls. Little did I know it would change the direction of my career and awoken the sleeping giant inside me. 2 years later we created the first edition of 'Artist meet Zimbabwe' and now I find myself on a new path that makes a lot more sense.
The 11min video made by Bruno Zanzoterra and his team captures why we do what we do with meaning, passion and purpose. We are already planning Trip N°2 'Artists in Africa'.
We welcome you to join us on Facebook or even be part of the story in 2018.
Let us know by sending me an email sharing your thoughts and interest or just tells what you think of the Video.


Co-Founder of Cparlà