Our stories are making the news!

If you do good, good comes back to you. Most often you never quite know how, when and where, but when it happens, it's like a shot of adrenaline and encourages you to keep on making it happen.
Discovering in a roundabout way that your stories are inspiring and touching people across the world motivates us to do what we do with enthusiasm and pride. It's a reflection of being part of a bigger story and an excellent metric to measure our true value. Below are non-solicited publications of our project make the news acorss the world. 
When Artist meet Zimbabwe. A project competed in 2016. 4 artist, 6 schools, 1200 children and 10 guests. Article published in La Croix in 2017. (Link)
The same project but this time appearing the Marie Claire magazine  South Korea, 2016. 
Twabuka School project in Zambia. In 2017, Together with CITW and Cardinal Health EMEA, we brought colour to the primary school building, planted trees and fixed school desks with the local community. This Video published by CITW and Wilderness Safari.