Over 1000 hours!

Cparla crossing an important milestone, ...over 1000 Hours!

Cparla will reach an important milestone in September this year.

We will pass the 1000 hours of giving back!
1000 Hours that would never exist if it was not for the commitment and generosity of companies who want to make this world a better place.

One year ago we made a commitment to help organizations and business leaders become more trusted, purpose-driven, and inspirational. A very ambitious and almost abstract commitment.
There are Corporate Social Responsibility programmes (CSR) that just need money and donations and then there are CSR programmes that generate emotions, purpose genuinely changes behaviour.
To make a sustainable difference one has to start from within an organization focusing on the PEOPLE.

So we fixed a tangible commitment.
Engage like-minded companies to help bring their corporate values to life. Our mission: Deliver 1000hrs of human time to real and sustainable "giving back" initiatives without compromising the budget and actually generating a measurable benefit for the company. 
How do we do this? we focus on disrupting the traditional company annual incentive trip and making it a truly rewarding and inspiring PURPOSE driven initiative. Helping companies and their leaders lead by example. Making PURPOSE the heart of the programme and not just a tag on event in a reward programme. Contributing rather than consuming, focusing on purpose and not only profit. Touching the heart and sincerely sharing with the local community or conservation projects.

We calculated the number of hours an individual actually contributes to working and delivering in the field on carefully selected social or environmental projects.

I'm delighted to announce that, on 18th Septemeber, we will exceed this number and achieved 1164 hours in total. It's incredible what we have achieved with these 1000hrs of true giving. Not donations, not marketing spam but true human giving.
With generosity and Purpose-driven mindset of our partners, we have refurbished a school in Africa, inspired 60 children to discover the rhino for the first time, entertained and motivated over 1200 children who have never seen the circus and then, of course, the emotions and feeling generated with all who participated and contributed.
The impact is significant. Measuring the effort by the number of hours and following up every month on the progress. Making the work a truly sustainable initiative. Thank you to those companies who believe in what we do. The story has only just started and we are working to do more. We are always looking for companies and people who wish to be part of the story. 

There is something special about being part of a bigger story!

Marc - Founder of Cparla