Companies making a difference & getting more than they give!

When two worlds meet for a common cause, magic happens! Lives are changed.

1 day, 16 participants, 1 primary school, 50 community members and parents, 250 children and 1 year of preparation.In a remote village of Zambia near the iconic Victoria Falls.

Our mission; to paint and restore the primary classroom with the local community, children and teachers.
Out of all the schools in the region, we would like to thank Cardinal Health for choosing Twabuka Primary schoo...for us, today history is made...said the Headmistress, Mrs Regina Jere.

Preparing and planning an event of this nature is no easy feat, but when it happens and all comes together, the energy and experience is unique and extraordinary. People from different cultures, backgrounds and social economic conditions meet. Regardless of who and what we are we had a common mission together, to restore the primary classrooms, repair desks and plant indigenous trees to make an educational environment attractive and colourful for young children to learn.
To see 16 participants work hand in hand with local parents, teachers and children was amazing. People spontaneously collaborating and getting involved in a common cause. Engaging each other as if they were friends for years. Bringing colour to the first years of a child’s schooling environment making it a fun place to learn for years to come.

We walked around asking individuals what they were experiencing and how they felt during this experience. Here are some of the comments...

CAH President, BertrandI feel like I am getting more than I am giving... I love it.
Cathrine (participant)I have done voluntary work before but I have never experienced something like this.....
Aldo (participant) - I feel humble, grateful and enjoying the experience...
Vera (participant) Our problems become so small here, and thankful to be here and learn how we are blessed and can give back...
Mireya (participant) -I feel emotional, overwhelmed, I hope our company will continue to invest in giving back projects as it makes me proud to work for my company...
Linda (teacher) - This kind of thing has never happened before. The classrooms look like new and will help our children be happy to come to school...
Margaret (parent) - We are honoured these guests came all this way, it creates something different for our children, we feel loved.

Being part of something greater than one's self is a powerful and fulfilling experience. This was not just charity, this was sharing and mutual discovery. A sustainable initiative that will continue to inspire visitors, community and new learners for years to come. Today we look back, and although the moment was brief, the seeds have been sown and the emotions live on.
An old African proverb says…. If you want to plan for one year, plant maize. If you want to plan for 10 years, plant trees. If you want to plan for 100 years, teach children.

Cparla is privileged to be part of the story.
Thankyou to Cardinal Health EMEA, Thank you Twabuka Primary school.

Marc Bouvron
Founder Cparla