Creating memorable experiences that make the world a better place 

We are now back home after 4 days in the African bush near Victoria Falls. The dust has settled and slowly we realize what has been achieved. An incentive and reward trip quite different from others. It's truly magical when you travel to a remote destination and your mission is to contribute rather than simply consume. To collaborate and create together with the local community. Build unique relations with colleagues and locals to make this world a better place. We discover, regardless of our social, economic or cultural backgrounds, we all have a story to share. Here is our visual story... 
The best way to learn about a community, a culture, an environment, is not what we take, but what we create. In one day we worked together to fix school desks, support medical staff, prepare a school vegetable garden, upgrade the kitchen, sponsor a school meal for children and the local community, build a football pitch and celebrate the occasion with a final football match. 
Oh! and did we mention ... in preparation for this trip, the whole company participated in collecting football shirts. Donated on the day by those representing the company. Making this a company story, bringing corporate values to life.
Relaxing and enjoying the beauties of the African bush. Things seem so much better when we know we have given back. It makes us truly part of the landscape. We believe great people don't want to stop doing great things.
Unique private lodging on the banks of the Zambezi

What we achieved in one day

35 collaborators all working together with a remote community in Zambia. Continuing the work from the previous year, making the initiative a truly sustainable mission and an ongoing story for the company.
150 Desks repaired
1 kitchen up graded
2 goal post with concrete, nets and soccer match 
10 beds planted with 250 vegetable plants
95 children tested for HIV/AIDS
53 adults tested for Diabetes
25 tested for TB
65 for Blood Pressure
215 had deworming tablets given

1 cow for 510 people which includes 310 pupils
Distribution of 217 football shirts