November Edition CAH Club17

The CAH Club 17 Legacy

Twabuka Primary School – CAH, teachers, pupils and their parents

Welcome to your 1st follow-up CAH Club17 news feed.

Time flies but your footprint is still in the sand. Your contribution and participation in making a difference at Twabuka Primary School on 28th September 2017 has made a real difference. As they say…”the writing is on the wall” and the school is now quite not the same.

An ancient African proverb says…

If you want to plan for next year, plant maize,

If you want to plan for 10 years, plant trees,

If you want to plan for 100 years, teach children.

I think the following 3 pictures are a good reflection of the proverb…

Its been almost 2 months. What has happened since your visit and contribution?

The rains finally came, filling up the great Zambezi and changing the look of the waterfalls and the Zambezi landscape.  The heat is unwavering with the average temperature in November a sizzling 35 degrees!

Victoria Falls at sun set

We committed to painting the inside or two classrooms but ran out of time. The local artist Samuel with the help of some children helped complete the job.

We did such a great job painting the grade 1&2 block the school decided to use your additional donated funds to purchase more paint and have now painted the other school blocks.

The Headmistress, Ms. Regina Jere was delighted to receive framed photographs of the special event with compliments of CAH Club17. She cherises them on her desk.

Regina’s desk

She has expressed her deep gratitude and tells us the children are very proud of their school and excited every day to come to such a neat and clean classroom.

Intresting facts

Did you know…

SCHOOL PRINCIPAL is  Ms. Regina Jere (as of 2015)

ORIGINS: Twabuka Primary School was established in 2006, funded by the Community of the Cooper’s Company and Coborn School, Upminster, England.
TOTAL STUDENTS: 250 students
TEACHING STAFF: 8 teachers
CLASS RATIO: 1 teacher: 38 pupils per grade
SUBJECTS TAUGHT: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Civics, History, Religious Education, Geography and Tonga
ACADEMIC RESULTS: Academic results in primary schools are determined by the overall performance of Grade 7 students in the national exams. Students are required to pass all 4 of the following subjects namely: English, Maths, Tonga and General Paper.

Your legacy lives on…Never Stop Making a Difference!

Ms Regina, Thank you Cardinal Health Club17

We will keep you updated on further developments as we continue to support Twabuka Primary School and feel free to share your stories via the WhatsApp channel or CAH17 app.