December Edition CAH CLUB17

December Edition CAH Club17

Twabuka football team

December is the final month of the school year. Exams are coming to an end and children spend more time playing with friends to unwind the year-end. Thanks to Cardinal Health donations boys and girls have the chance to play with their new football which also doubles as a volleyball for an afternoon of games. Thank you, Andrea ;-).

Trees are progressing well. The Eco-Club is looking after the trees as well as the vegetable patch which provides food for the school kitchen. It is naturally a long-term initiative but require constant attention. Especially in the early years – just like the mission of our project back in September.  It is still hot but the rainy season starts in January to bring relief to the parched rivers and restore the Victoria Falls back to its glory within the next few months.

What a privilege is has been creating a conducive environment for learning and development at Twabuka School. CAH has been part of the story…  We have received messages to say the children and staff send their greetings to you!

And may we take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Festive season and look forward to continuing to make a difference together in 2018.