January CAH Club17 News

2018 is off to a flying start for Twabuka

Coming to school to start the year was particularly special. Our newly painted walls and decorations make our school look quite special, said the Head Mistress Regina.

Cardinal Health Mural

The school children and teachers are so excited to be back at school. Part of the excitement is driven by knowing, somewhere on the other side of the continent, there are people who care about their school, what they are doing and showing interest in the indigenous trees that were planted.  The children are getting back to their classes with enthusiasm to learn and will work towards working hard at their subjects, farming the vegetable patch, and enjoy play with their friends too.

Our trees all seem to have survived the school break. None were eaten by goats or cows, trampled by wildlife or suffered too much from drought. Some need a little maintenance and watering but so far, the trees look set to grow into healthy trees to provide shade for future generations.

On our second day at school, we took the following pictures to show our gratitude to Cardinal Health.

We have not forgotten about your kind generosity and the great time we had together back in September. It is amazing to believe it has been some 5 months since we had you visit our school.

As we enter the hot February month the occasional thunderstorms help cool the temperature down. It’s a great time to be in Livingstone as with the rains comes life. The great Zambezi river is also in good spirits with the new rains making it a special sight to see.

The weather forecast in Livingston

We look forward to April and May, when the weather will start cooling down.

See you soon Cardinal Health 18.