A Positive Problem!

When a corporate incentive programme makes more than a difference!
We have a Positive Problem!

Cparla is a specialist Purpose driven agency successfully helping companies motivate their employees with inspirational and sustainable incentive programmes. We are planning to deliver a corporate incentive trip for a global company in September this year. It's a different kind of incentive as it's designed to reward top performers but we place company VALUES and PURPOSE at the heart of the programme.

On this particular programme, the group will be going to a spectacular destination in Zambia and help a needing community in a remote region were the privileges of basic life necessities are scarce. Our aim is to make a real sustainable difference while at the same time truly rewarding top performers beyond their dreams.
Where an empty plastic bottle is used as a football and stones as goal posts, one of our missions is together with the community and children build a school football pitch, with real poles and nets. Not everyone in the company qualifies to go on the trip but many wish to be part of the story. So it seemed to be a great opportunity to bring company values to life and create a sense of collaboration rather than competition. 2 months post event, the President suggested making a company-wide collection and asked all employees to donate any second-hand football shirts they no longer need or their children outgrew. These shirts would then be collected by Cparla Agency and once the football pitch is completed, the company participants on site would distribute the second-hand shirts directly to the school children to celebrate the occasion.

Here comes the 'POSITIVE PROBLEM'

The response for donations was overwhelming. Many employees from all over Europe participated in the collection, even though they were not going on the trip. We now have over 200kg of second-hand football shirts for all sizes. In fact, we had to ask the company to stop sending donations because we needed to think about shipping them all to Zambia. That is what I call a Positive Problem!
It is absolutely amazing to experience the generosity of the employees. This is indicative of bringing values to life and if given the chance, companies can make a difference beyond profits. Allowing colleagues to be part of a meaningful and bigger story. Consolidating all departments, teams and communities around a common cause.

I'm the first to put my hand up as guilty. We clearly underestimated the outcome of expecting 1 or 2 boxes. But, I'm also humbled and excited. Sales numbers and profits are important but PURPOSE and MEANINGFUL initiatives like this create belonging, collaboration and empathy which drive motivation and engagement at a broader and deeper level. I believe this is an untapped source to making this world a better place and if done right, can easily be implemented by company leaders willing to make the change to their incentive programmes.

We are now sitting with 8 boxes of second-hand football shits, wondering how to ship the goods to Zambia without going over the budget. Freight cost is too expensive and the company can only partially sponsor the full load. We are reaching out for help and ideas on how to get these shirts to the kids in Zambia in good time or if any freight/logistics company are also wanting to be part of the story, please let us know?

Thank you for your help and ideas to get these football shirts to the Kids at Twabuka school in Zambia.
Just drop me a line or post on our FB ...marc@cparla.world