5 lessons learnt from the Cparla meeting at the Salon ProDurable & New Work Forum, 10 April 2019, Paris

Recognition to:
Cardinal Health EMEA
Stuart Morton (Regional President Cardinal Health - EMEA)


Marc Bouvron (Cparla Founder)
        Bertrand Deluard (CEO EthyPharma & Ex-Cardinal Health)
                   Clémence Duchemin (Senior Project Manager, Cardinal Health)

5 lessons learnt...

1. Only 27% employees believe in their company values. (GALLUP BUSINESS JOURNAL, WORKPLACEOCTOBER 5, 2018)
If you align company and people values, you have a greater chance of creating true company ambassadors that will attract top talent, be more motivated and inspire collaborators to win new customers.
2. It’s how you make people “feel”.
Authentic and meaningful initiatives at work will generate emotion. If you generate emotion you generate change.
3. A good ROI. Incentives or events with a social or environmental mission makes good business sense.
For the first time we motivate the whole company and not only the top performers around a common cause. That means increasing employee engagement. The budget should be calculated by Budget/# of employees in the company = cost of motivation programme.
It's more than just an incentive trip
4. It breaks down corporate silos and internal barriers.
When we all work for a common social or environmental cause it inspires collaboration, teamwork and a sense of common purpose during the whole programme and for the following years.
5. Because it’s important to people and business, it’s should not be difficult to implement.
All companies already have an employee engagement strategy. Simply shift the focus to what matters to the workforce. 83% of the future workforce believe business should be involved in social and environmental issues.
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